Oxhy Participates in the Italy-China Startup Showcase

On Sunday, May 26th, Oxhy had the honor of participating in the Italy-China Startup Showcase, a significant event organized by the Campania Newsteel incubator at the Città della Scienza in Naples. This event featured a Chinese delegation led by Yin Li, accompanied by a substantial representation of Asian innovators and investors.

The Italy-China Startup Showcase was designed as a platform to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas between Italian startups and Asian investors. Its goal is to promote collaboration, innovation, and technological development on a global scale, transcending political, social and cultural differences. The event provided a unique opportunity for the selected startups to present their innovative solutions and to establish potential collaborations with Asian partners.

In addition to the Chinese delegation, the event saw the participation of prominent representatives from the Italian academic and entrepreneurial sectors, as well as investors and innovators from various fields. The presence of these figures highlighted the importance of the event as a meeting point between research, innovation, and investment.

Why Oxhy?

Oxhy was one of the five startups selected and invited to present its innovative Energy Harvesting solution to the Chinese delegation. During a four-minute pitch, Francesco Paolo Tuccinardi, CEO of Oxhy, explained how the company aims to revolutionize the Energy Harvesting market through the use of hydroelectric cells technology, whose operation is explained by Quantum Electrodynamics.

The technology proposed by Oxhy allows for the extraction of electric current from water cells, exploiting the properties of ambient infrared radiation. This solution not only represents a significant advancement in the field of Energy Harvesting but also offers a concrete perspective of energy sustainability.

Future Perspectives

Oxhy’s presentation sparked keen interest and curiosity among the members of the Chinese delegation. The investors were particularly attracted to the innovative applications stemming from Italian research, recognizing the transformative potential of Oxhy’s technology. This interest paves the way for potential future collaborations and investment opportunities that could accelerate the development and dissemination of Oxhy’s technology.

Participation in the Italy-China Startup Showcase is instrumental in Oxhy’s growth journey and allows us to confirm the growing global interest in our work. The positive feedback we received strengthens our determination to continue developing sustainable and innovative Energy Harvesting solutions. Looking ahead, we are committed to further exploring the potential of our technology, with the aim of making Energy Harvesting an increasingly widespread and accessible reality.

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