OXHY – Welcome to the Future of Energy!

As we usher into an exciting new era, we invite you to join us on a journey towards the heart of a sustainable energy revolution. OXHY is defining a new energy paradigm that leverages Quantum Physics to generate electricity from a potentially limitless source: waterAs the demand for energy rises in key sectors such as Mobiles, IoT, Home Appliances, and more, OXHY has embarked in the mission of making energy more sustainable and accessible worldwide thorugh a new, unique and powerful Energy Harvesting system.

Oxhy's Revolutionary Solution

After years of research in the Physics of Water, we have discovered a new physical phenomenon, the Oxhydroelectric Effect, that enables the extraction of electric current from water using Infrared Radiation. A discovery that will change the way we conceive water and generate energy. Based on the Oxhydroelectric Effect, we have built a totally new kind of “photovoltaic” cell that also works in the dark. The system relies on water as a semiconductor – instead of silicon – and uses the infrared radiation as the primary energy source – instead of the sunlight. We have dubbed this system, OXHYCELL. Oxhycell is capable of generating electricity 24/7. A leap forward for sustainable energy production.

Fundraising and Start-up of Operations

In early October 2023, Oxhy initiated its fundraising campaign, aiming to achieve an initial pre-seed milestone of €1 million through Participatory Financial Instruments (SAFE). A couple of months into the campaign, Oxhy proudly boasts new prospective partners who have subscribed to 50% of the targeted €1 million.

At the same time, Oxhy has started to implement its Development Plan. Strategic and technological objectives at Oxhy encompass the optimization and miniaturization of cell components. To meet these goals, specific sub-programs addressing various research and development areas have been set in motion. Activities encompass comprehensive studies, research, and design efforts, anticipating the development of prototypes and demonstrators.

Join us on this Exciting Journey

As we progress through this exciting chapter, your involvement is paramount. Join Oxhy in shaping the future of energy, where innovation, collaboration, and sustainability converge to transform the world in better. Don’t miss the chance to subscribe to Oxhy’s Youtube Channel and join our Community in Telegram. Together, we are Oxhy.

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