Advisory Board: Enhancing Oxhy’s Excellence

Oxhy is delighted to announce the formalization of the Advisory Board, a strategic body that will provide key recommendations on business strategy and implementation. This initial step is crucial in guiding Oxhy towards success in its innovative mission in the sustainable energy sector.

The first two members of the Advisory Committee, along with Gianni Matera, who is also a partner at Oxhy, include:

  • Prof. Giuseppe Vitiello: Honorary Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Salerno, Italy. With a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA, in 1974, Prof. Vitiello has dedicated his career to research on elementary particles, condensed matter physics, and biological systems. With over 300 published articles, his contribution is invaluable.
  • Guido Grossi: Jurist, economist, and distinguished communicator. With a career at BNL, where he served as the executive in charge of financial markets and treasurer from 1981 to 2007, Grossi has extensive experience in financial dynamics. In addition to his work in the financial sector, he is the president of Sovranità Popolare Aps, publisher of an important journal, and secretary of Patto per l’anno sabbatico Aps.

The Advisory Board, with its members, brings extensive knowledge in scientific, technological, industrial, and financial areas, providing a multidisciplinary perspective to support Oxhy’s initiatives and progress. The Advisory Committee will be a valuable tool for guidance.

This initiative demonstrates Oxhy’s commitment to attract and engage prominent figures to ensure strong leadership and enlightened guidance as the startup prepares to transform the sustainable energy sector.



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