An Industrial PhD Program with Oxhy

Oxhy is pleased to announce the launch of an Industrial PhD program co-funded in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II. … Read More

Oxhy Participates in the Italy-China Startup Showcase

On Sunday, May 26th, Oxhy had the honor of participating in the Italy-China Startup Showcase, a significant event organized by the Campania Newsteel incubator at the Città della Scienza in Naples. … Read More

Oxhycell Wins Campania Start-up 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Oxhy’s innovative project, the Oxhydroelectric Cell, has achieved a significant milestone by securing the 30th position in the Campania Start-up 2023 rankings … Read More

Oxhy Reaches 1 Million Euros in Pre-Seed Campaign Investments

Oxhy has just reached a significant milestone in its commitment to transform the landscape of sustainable energy through Energy Harvesting technology … Read More

Exclusive Preview: Oxhy’s Energy Revolution

We are thrilled to announce an unmissable event: the exclusive preview of our YouTube video showcasing how Oxhy is beginning to shape the future of sustainable energy … Read More

Oxhy Joins Assintel and Campania New Steel

In October 2023, Oxhy received a direct invitation from its President, Dante Laudisa, to join Assintel, the National Association of ICT Companies under ConfCommercio. … Read More

Advisory Board: Enhancing Oxhy’s Excellence

Oxhy is delighted to announce the formalization of the Advisory Board, a strategic body that will provide key recommendations on business strategy and implementation. … Read More

OXHY – Welcome to the Future of Energy!

We are at the forefront of Sustainable Energy Innovation. As we usher into an exciting new era, we invite you to join us on a journey towards the heart of a sustainable energy revolution. … Read More