Oxhy Joins Assintel and Campania New Steel

In October 2023, Oxhy received a direct invitation from its President, Dante Laudisa, to join Assintel, the National Association of ICT Companies under ConfCommercio. The association aims to finance innovative startups through a new instrument called Startup Hub 2023. With this membership, Oxhy gains privileged access to introduce its innovations in a broad sector of the Italian economy.

Additionally, Oxhy has been selected for the incubation program at Campania New Steel, located at the City of Science in Naples. This incubator will provide Oxhy with a range of services aimed at facilitating fundraising and integrating the initiative into the innovation ecosystem in Italy. As part of this collaboration, Oxhy has established an operational unit at the premises of Campania New Steel, located at the City of Science in Naples, where an office will be fully operational by December 2023.

These steps position Oxhy at the crossroads of technological innovation and regional development, paving the way for future collaborations and further advancements in the sustainable energy sector.

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